preparent antenatal classes


preparent antenatal care devon

Antenatal Classes - preparent

Each course will be tailored to meet the needs of the individual group, but will include information, participation and discussion on the following:

Getting fit for labour and parenthood . End of pregnancy . Emotions and Fears . Relaxation techniques
Connecting with your baby during pregnancy . Birthplace .

Process of labour . Getting into labour . Early signs of labour . Managing contractions .
Different types of birth . The role of the birth partner . When babies come early

The first few hours . Skin to skin . Feeding your baby . Babies and sleep
Baby care . Basic baby resuscitation . Life and relationships after birth

At the end of the 2 days you will be encouraged to compile your own individual preparent birth plan to help you clarify your thoughts regarding what has been discussed during the course and what is particularly important to you when you have your baby. Please be aware that Emma is unable to provide you with any clinical care.  If you have any concerns regarding the wellbeing of either you, or your baby, please contact your community midwife, maternity unit or GP.

One to One Sessions are available by arrangement.

preparent antenatal classes devon